Extreme-tour "Underground Sevastopol"
Extreme-tour "Underground Sevastopol"

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This extreme-tour is devoted to the heroic  city named Sevastopol, to be

more correct to  underground facilities of the city. 

During 200 years about 60 well-protected command headquarters and 

communications centers, more  than 100 coastal batteries  and 200

underground shelters were build under Sevastopol. The general area of the

underground facilities  is about 350 thousand sq.km.

During the extreme-tour you will be offered to visit such grandiose objects

as underground base of submarines (object 825), command headquarters of

coastal defense of The Black Sea Fleet, coastal batteries ## 30 and 35,

reserve command headquarters of The Black Sea Fleet.

You can also visit a lot of other not less interesting objects in the

region according to your desire.

More details you can obtain  at  http://sevdig.sevastopol.ws 

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